Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Welcome to My Blog

Well it's been a few weeks....  A few weeks since I created this blog site to be exact.  I recently returned from the MACUL 2014 conference in Grand Rapids, MI ready to join the "Twitterverse", create a blog, and share my thoughts, feelings, and maybe even emotions on all things education.

Starting to use Twitter as part of my PLN goals was quick and easy.  I didn't realize that people I've never even met could make an impact on my professional thinking. 

During a Twitter chat at #mschat a side conversation took place about blogging.  Another teacher was having the same dilemma as me.  She too created a blog recently but hadn't posted anything to it.  She feared, as did I, that nobody would read it.  We encouraged each other and promised to read each others  blogs.  Another teacher following our conversation commented on how she recently started blogging and that it was the best decision ever.

A few brief statements from strangers, passionate about education, was all it took to give me the encouragement to start.  If nobody reads it.  That's ok.  If you do please feel free to share your thoughts.

The encouragement I felt was very powerful. It gave me the confidence to feel as though I could do it. I will try to be conscious of this when working with my students to give them that same feeling.

A special shout out to @CherylTeaches, @GloffMona, and @dubiouseducator for getting me to start....  Now shutting me up?   That's another story...

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